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Welcome to the Primary School

David Harrold
Primary School Principal

In a welcome message like this, it would be all too easy to highlight the visual arts on display in the hallways, the Student Council which meets every week, the musicals performed (and directed) by students, the rich After School Activities programme on offer, or the TISA Titans' sports achievements. But in all reality: these activities are merely the icing on the cake. What really matters is the quality of the IB's Primary Years Programme offered at TISA and its delivery on a daily basis by our dedicated teachers who work with our students. We value parents as partners and work with you as we guide your children through their primary school journey in order to educate them to be life-long learners.

The focus of our program is a commitment to structured inquiry as the main vehicle for learning and we give our students the chance to grow through their discoveries and experiences. This is accomplished through the Primary Years Programme (PYP) where student learning takes place in relevant real-world contexts. Clear goals and expectations are discussed and negotiated with students so that they are active participants in their own learning.

We are confident that students educated in our international setting will gain the knowledge, skills (including numeracy and literacy) and understanding to enable them to contribute positively to their future communities. A warm and open environment in the primary school classes encourages the involvement of parents to share and participate in the formative years of their child's education. An extensive After School Activities program allows students to explore their passions and interests and extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Kate Brown

Assistant Primary Principal

As the assistant primary principal at TISA it is my responsibility, along with the principal, to ensure our students learn in an academically challenging, safe and supportive environment.    Each student has his or her own unique learning style and will progress at his or her own developmental rate.  My role is to support the teachers to deliver the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) in a manner where individual students can pursue excellence on a daily basis and achieve a high level of academic success in all areas of the curriculum.  I oversee the student support team in our primary school, staffed by highly qualified, experienced and skilled educators. Support is available for students learning English (English as an Additional Language department; EAL), students with learning needs (Learning Support department; LS), and we have a designated primary counselor working with students and families in transition and supporting in social, behavioral and emotional areas.

Another area of my delegation is the Early Learning Centre (ELC).  Here students aged between three and five years learn through the IBPYP programme to develop their numeracy, literacy, and knowledge and understanding through the programme of inquiry.   The ELC has a purpose-built facility to allow for guided inquiry, collaboration, student choice and a developmentally appropriate, superior early childhood programme.

The TISA community has developed a cooperative partnership between staff and parents.  Parent understanding and support of the programme is critical for student success.  The TISA parent groups offer support to the primary school in a variety of ways that is valued and appreciated by teaching staff.

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