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The TISA Parent Action Network are a group of passionate individuals who work together within the TISA community and beyond to support projects, ideas and people to take action for a better world. This group aims to complement the work done by the student-led TISA Action Network. In line with the International Baccalaureate we work alongside TISA students aiming to inspire our students to become able and active contributors to our immediate, local and global communities.

Organisations currently supported by the TISA Parent Action Network are:

Mobile Dental Clinic

The Mobile Dental Clinic enables a trusted volunteer clinician and volunteers to provide donated dental care and spread oral health awareness to people in challenged areas such as orphanages, children’s shelters and refugee centres. 

How has the TISA Parent Action Network helped?
In 2019 dental equipment was purchased and repairs were carried out to xray machine. 

How can you get involved?
  • Raising funds for the MDC
  • Collect dental hygiene kits for the patients
  • Raise awareness of the work the MDC does.
Contact Parent Action Network representative Adriana Ranalli for more information (WhatsApp: +994 55 3783308 Email:

Azerbaijan Physiotherapy Association (AzPTA)

AzPTA provides physiotherapy to disabled children and facilitates group support families of disabled children. The organisation is working to educate the public about disabilities, seeking to dispel common myths and stereotypes.  AzPTA aims to expand its reach beyond Baku and provide services in the regions, where such services either do not exist or are not widely available. 

How has TISA helped?
Toy collection for use during physiotherapy sessions. Funding the construction of student-designed sensory tables. The purchase of a massage therapy table. Painting murals in the playrooms. 

How can you get involved? 

  • Donate sensory toys.
  • Play musical instruments for the children.
  • Run arts and crafts sessions for the children. 

Even just a few hours of your time can make a big difference in the lives of these children. Volunteers can go any day except Sunday. Contact Parent Action Network representative Rema Pillay for more information (WhatsApp: +60 17-365 3062) Monica Brignoli

United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA)

United Aid for Azerbaijan was founded in 1998 with the aim of "long term development of life" in Azerbaijan with particular focus on children, education and health. To date UAFA has helped over 13000 children and 14000 families throughout 21 regions in Azerbaijan. UAFA believe that all children are our children and that children with disabilities should have the same opportunities as all other children. 

How has the TISA Parent Action Network helped?
TISA has helped UAFA continuously during many years, with a combination of fundraising events and donations in-kind.  TISA has an active community of children, many of whom have contributed their time and effort to support children with disabilities.  Most recently, the PTA supported UAFA's new social enterprise - ENJOY Chocolates - by buying a new chocolate tempering machine. This social enterprise sells chocolates to generate income for UAFA's work with children, creating a sustainable source of income.  In addition to this, UAFA has received a continuous supply of early learning toys, pampers and school materials that are distributed to the many services that UAFA operates to support disabled children's learning and development.

How can you get involved?
Community members can help UAFA's inclusive preschool groups by collecting funds or items for early learning - for example, toys and stationery.  Alternatively, if you have specific qualifications (psychology/occupational therapy/social work etc.) or are skilled in writing, we can use your help in training and promotional activities.

Contact Parent Action Network representative Joanne Shutt for more information (WhatsApp: 055 4443080)


Habiba, one of the Afghan Community Leaders in Baku, felt there was a need to create a sporting programme for refugee ladies to help improve their wellness. There are several teams for men to join but nothing specifically for ladies. Habiba approached the TISA Service Committee for support setting up the team. Once we got approval from UNHCR to go ahead, we set out to find a court and a coach.

We found a court in the centre of town that all the ladies could reach easily and we were delighted when Susie, one of the TISA coaches, volunteered her time to train the team. Six months after conversations began, on April 21st 2018, we finally had the first training session. Initially there were 20 ladies signed up, all beginners and the first session was spent trying to learn how to hit the ball and sorting out the net which refused to stay at the right height. There were a lot of giggles but not many balls over the net!

Over the next few weeks, the girls grew more confident and word began to spread amongst the refugee community to the point where we ended up having to turn people away. As the team became more accomplished, they wanted to play more than once a week. We couldn’t get any more time at the first gym so moved to a new court in a different part of town. We also got a new coach Aysel who was available to coach the team 3 times a week. With this extra cost the team needed more funding and is now jointly sponsored by the TISA Service Committee and the UNHCR.

How can you get involved?
Contact Parent Action Network representative Janelle Williams for more information (

Sisters of Charity
Operated by Mother Teresa Sisters of Charity since 2006, this is a home for the homeless, sick and handicapped elderly people. They care for people of all or no religious beliefs or backgrounds. They provide hospice care to terminally ill homeless, offer family aid to very poor families and help with obtaining necessary documents for family members to become eligible for government assistance or work opportunities.

How has the TISA Parent Action Network helped?
Most recently TISA paid for an electricity back-up generator, an air conditioning unit, a medical hoist for lifting bedridden patient and shower wheelchairs.

How can you get involved?

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking hot meals for 30 people
  • Purchasing medical supplies
  • Food and clothes collections
  • Playing board games with the elderly
  • Reading to the residents in Russian or Azerbaijani

Contact Parent Action Network representative Janice Johansson for more information (WhatsApp: +994552263754)

There are many opportunities to get involved and we welcome parents to join us at any point throughout the year. Participate as a committee member or volunteer, or by simply attending. Whatever level of participation you choose, your time and involvement will be greatly appreciated and will make a difference.

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