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During the last week of classes, P7 students explored the world of visual storytelling. During the workshops conducted by Suliddin Baghirov, TISA Communications Coordinator, students learned how to create stories through photos and text. 

The main theme of the workshop was telling the stories of migrant children. Students were asked to build stories with the images of IDP and refugee children from different parts of the world. The purpose of this was was to help students to combine the stories of different people under one story of a particular child.

Young storytellers were divided into three groups to create their final stories. Each member had a special task: some were adding the text, while others were drawing pictures and putting the images according to the sequence of the story. The stories included the visualization of characters mainly from Syria and Africa. P7 students were able to compare their stories during the final presentations.


It was an interesting way to learn more about the stories of our peers, who happened to be under dangerous conditions. I think their stories matter."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -P7CT student

The best thing for me was exploring the visual tools for telling the stories. Our team presentation was very interesting and we were able to combine our ideas."

                                                                                  -P7CW student

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