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OUR AIM: empowering students to take meaningful action to engage with communities in and around Baku and to inspire others.

Over that past few months a number of TISA students have been busy taking meaningful action in the Baku community.

Helping Hands.

An initiative that was inspired by the work of Nicolo (M1) during his PYP Exhibition last year, TISA’s Helping Hand group 3D-printed a prosthetic hand for six year old Ayan in collaboration with Mr Mario Caicedo Langer of Engineering for Kids Azerbaijan and Ms. Aynur Mammadova of Desteq Olaq.

M3 Enrichment Project 2018

Marking the successful completion of a multitude of Service Projects, the M3 grade level took on a final challenge before the summer holidays. 40 students took part in a whole day of painting, supply shopping, cooking, organising sports and making care packages for the children of the "Iseqli Ev" Homeless Children’s Centre.

CIS Awards Nominations

The CIS International Student Award recognizes outstanding students at member schools for projects which exemplify internationalism. International Student Awards are presented to an individual student or a group of students in recognition of their contributions to the promotion of global citizenship and the development of international awareness in their communities.

Rashad and Shayan spent the year relentlessly negotiating, writing formal emails, meeting with various company representatives in order to secure the release and donation of over 400 pieces of TISA furniture for the Cabrayil IDP School. Their hard work and dedication led to the nomination for a prestigious CIS Middle School Award.

The High School Award nomination went to the "UNHCR Reach Out" group led last year by Annie (DP2) and a group of other dedicated High School students. This group ensured that refugee children from the UNHCR centre were able to visit TISA and take part in weekly activities such as English lessons, sports and crafts. Watch both the High School and Middle School nominees in action below!

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