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TISASTOCK on Photostream! - Part 1 TISASTOCK on Photostream! - Part 2

Join the Secondary School Music students for the annual mainstay of TISA's music scene, featuring collaborative music and voice performance on Wednesday & Thursday 29th-30th November, starting 7:30pm on both nights. To pull off this ambitious show, the students have been putting hours of practice - honing their music and voice skills, and coordinating the technical aspects on-the-go. The tickets to watch it LIVE at TISA are available at the SRA and the Secondary Music Room.

This year we're also livestreaming TISASTOCK for the parents who won't make it to the live concert, and for the grandparents and extended families living abroad! You can watch it right here, starting 7:30pm (Baku Time) on Wednesday night (29th November). Make sure you refresh the page at 7:30pm

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