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Novruz on Photostream! Novruz with the Red Crescent Society

As the Summer approaches, we look back on how TISA community welcomed the Spring Spirit and celebrated Novruz Bayram, the favorite holiday of many Azerbaijanis. Novruz is an ancient and much-loved holiday in Azerbaijan which ushers in the new astronomical year, the beginning of spring and the renewal of nature. During the long and colourful month leading up to Novruz, the breath of spring is believed to soak the air, water, trees and soil and wake them up.

The scale of celebrations this year was unmatched - the Students and Staff alike sang and danced to traditional songs, ate the sweet Novruz pastries, and, as is custom, donated to the charity. Thanks to the Azerbaijani Red Crescent Society, TISA was able to bring the Novruz Spirit to the less fortunate - the refugee families from Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan, various homes for the elderly and a disabled children’s centre.

The Primary and Secondary Schools teamed up for fun-packed Novruz-themed activities: painting eggs, learning words and phrases in Azerbaijani, and cooking! Watch the reel of the Novruz afternoon at TISA below!

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