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Never thought we would have a pitch like that. Love it.

- Luca, M2

The TISA Multipurpose Pitch is now officially declared open! The TISA community has gathered to witness the Pitch Dedication Ceremony last Monday, complete with presentations from TISA and BP Leadership, as well as the Student Council Representatives from the Primary and Secondary Schools. Students held hands together to cut the ribbon atop the brand new Multipurpose Pitch, in an exhilarating and lively ceremony featuring a trademark TISA flash mob, and a galore of activities. The evening concluded with a Staff vs Students friendly match - in which the TISA teachers held their own and managed to pull a draw over the TITANS. Click below to see the beautiful photos from the ceremony made by our aspiring student photographers, Lara and Phoenix:

Part 1 Part 2

Watch the TISA 4G Pitch Renovation Timelapse Above!

We love it - it is so fun to play there!

- Natalya and Zac, P4

At the end of last year it was announced to TISA students, parents and the wider community that the school will install a new 4G Astro Pitch right here in the centre of the campus. This is on the same grounds that the previous "farmer field" was situated, but there are no remnants of the old grass field. As dear as the grass field was for the community, we the TISA students needed a multipurpose pitch that would not swamp in the rain season, had a reliable and sturdy surface, and stand the test of time.

The process of creating the pitch included flattening the field, laying the astroturf, stitching it, spreading the pellets, and laying the running/jumping pit. There has been a buzz around the pitch with the imminent debut of the pitch exciting for everyone. Here's hoping that this will improve the already formidable performance of TISA’s football teams in the SRAA tournament and versus the travelling CEESA teams.

"I’m excited, it’s a new facility for the school and I’m looking forward to getting on there with the boys."

- Aj, Football Coach

"I'm really excited to use the new pitch as I think it will give us a lot more opportunities with drills to do at training. The pitch looks as it is going to be a wonderful addition to the TISA campus."

- Abi, DP1

Everyone is excited and can’t wait to get on the pitch, to train and play on a fresh and professionally built field. The TISA Rugby team is celebrating alongside our football stars, looking forward to training on this wonderful surface, and hosting matches against other teams from Azerbaijan. Having this new field and other upgrades to the facilities, and should the travelling athlete turnout rise in Europe, TISA can duly expect to host some CEESA sports tournaments in the near future - for the whole community to watch and enjoy.

The new TISA pitch, and surrounding campus grounds will be fully accessible upon return from October break. We are thrilled to have this addition to our campus, which allows us to provide a greater number of activities to a larger number of students in all weather and seasons. Until the end of the October break!

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