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P3 students were very excited to share their CREATIVITY and INSPIRATION and IMAGINATION in many ways during their Open House Art Show this Thursday. The central idea of the How We Express Ourselves unit of inquiry was:

Imagination and experiences inspire creativity.

Families were thrilled to see the children sing and dance at the beginning of the show. They then visited the art show and helped the students reflect on their creative experiences.

Learning about Creativity

The children started their inquiry journey with a rotation where teachers shared about different forms of creativity such as weaving, making collage, dancing and photography. Then experts shared about their passions such as drumming, salsa dancing and fashion design.

Exploring Inspiration

Classes talked about what is inspiration and what might inspire us. They read books and looked at art from different artists. They created our own inspiration boards and shared them via Seesaw.

Observing Creativity

The children went on a field trip to the Heydar Aliyev Centre and saw many different forms of art and creative expression such as architecture, pottery, fashion, traditional musical instruments, carpets, pottery, doll making, painting and so much more.

Using Their Imaginations

They explored books and stories where writers and illustrators used imagination to create new worlds and characters. They used Purple Crayons to create art like Harold and the Purple Crayon. The children also made connections to other books that were read. They made art in their own imaginative style using many different materials.

Different artists’ styles also inspired them. All the children made self-portraits in many different ways. The P3 children also learned about the Design Process and made 3-D Art Projects while learning about geometry and 3D shapes.

Reflecting on Process

Through many Seesaw posts they reflected on what process they used to make art and what inspired them. They also reflected on favorite forms of art. They looked at art in many different ways and shared opinions and observations through many thinking routines.

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