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Tournament Schedule!

FINALS! Drama Room and Lunch Hall

Room 325 - Debate 3rd/4th

Rounds 1-3 Recordings

TISA will host its 3rd annual CEESA Speech & Debate Tournament, with the home team - "Talking" TITANS - welcoming competition from sister CEESA schools. High School students from CEESA schools in Warsaw, Kiev, Prague, St Petersburg and Bucharest (along with our wonderful TITANS!) will be competing in five different events:

Original Oratory
Oral Interpretation

Tournament Schedule!

In preparation for the Tournament, the "Talking TITANS," have worked hard for the last four months, and look forward to measuring up against their international guests during the first week of February. But in the end, it's all about learning, having fun, making new friends across the continent - all the while gaining confidence in one's ability to give persuasive arguments on a range of political, cultural, and science topics.

The competition runs from 8.30am on Friday 2nd February until 5.30pm on Saturday 3rd. While the High School S & D prodigies are busy going over their speeches and arguments, the Middle School team have hosted 20 students from 3 local schools in Baku for a Speech & Debate workshop this past Saturday. This is only the first of many engaging S & D activities to be held this year - with the CEESA Speech and Debate Tournament followed by a "SRAA Forensics" between local schools and World Scholars' Cup.

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