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(Lunch Services are provided at TISA by KDK)

Menu Options


  • Hot Lunch: a choice of 2 Main Courses and 2 Side Dishes + 1 vegetable soup + salad + dessert
6.00 ₼
  • Salad Bar: a choice of 3 salads
3.60 ₼
  • Sandwich and Drink
3.60 ₼
  • Drink: Juice box
0.70 ₼

Lunch Payments:  TISA Canteen System

TISA's Payments System uses a combination of online funds deposit and several touch-screen computer point-of-sale stations in the Cafeteria. Here is how the system works:

  • Parents deposit AZN credit to student lunch accounts in the Payments System
  • Students use their student ID cards (or ID Card PIN) to activate the touch-screen, make lunch menu option selections, and generate a receipt
  • Receipts are collected at the lunch counters as students move through the lines
  • Parents can track a student's account balance and purchase history in the Payments System
  • If the student's card balance is below 15 AZN, the system automatically notifies parents via email to deposit additional funds to the student's account in the Payments System
    Please note:
  • The Payments System allows for a negative student card balance to -15 AZN. 
  • If a student's card balance drops below -15 AZN, then the card is blocked until parents deposit additional funds in the Payments System 
  • In this case, the student can still have lunch (Nobody goes away hungry at TISA!) by signing the daily paper log book until parents deposit additional funds in the Payments System

If you have any questions about the Payments System or need assistance with your online account, please contact Ms. Chinara Jahangirova in the Business Office:  

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