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The Arts play a prominent role in the enrichment activities offered at TISA, there is a broad range of clubs and activities that excite students' imaginations and give them numerous opportunities for creative expression.

Arts enrichment activities at TISA provide opportunities for our students to explore their artistic interests beyond the classroom curriculum. Arts enrichment activities after-school arts allow students who are not enrolled in art during the school day to stay connected to this form of personal expression. Essentially, the Creative Arts at TISA are all about creativity, expression, exploration and having fun.

The Arts offerings provide students the opportunity to develop and nurture their growing talents through an innovative and creative experience. We believe that students should be exposed to a wide variety of artistic creativity that fosters commitment, structure and self-discipline. The programs will focus on self-improvement, developing social skills, cooperation, teamwork and leadership. Students involved have opportunities throughout the school year to perform or display their creative work.

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