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TISA recognises that Language is fundamental for all learning. It is essential for communicating and constructing meaning. It is a tool that drives the curriculum.

English is the language of instruction in TISA. Additionally, and in line with the PYP, TISA believes that the development of mother tongue is crucial to maintain cultural identity. We promote maintenance and enrichment of mother tongue by encouraging parents and students to continue speaking, reading and writing in their mother tongue. We also provide opportunities to develop mother tongue through mother tongue classes.

TISA also believes that acquisition of more than one language enriches personal development and helps facilitate
international-mindedness. Therefore, our students are given the opportunity to learn additional languages through the World Language programme. 

Learning language in a PYP classroom is a balance between three aspects- learning language (using language to communicate with others); learning about language (developing an understanding of how languages works)  and learning through language (listening, thinking, discussing and reflecting on information, ideas and concepts) (Halliday 1980).

All teachers at TISA are language teachers. Language teaching and learning extends across the curriculum - in the arts, P.E and the homeroom class.

Mother Tongue

At TISA we believe it is essential to maintain and encourage the development of our students’ mother tongue. It supports further language acquisition, helps students develop personal identity and addresses social, emotional and academic needs.

Research has shown that students learn more quickly and effectively if they maintain and develop their proficiency in their mother tongue. When mother tongue is not adequately developed, the development of second or subsequent languages will be limited. (Cummins, 2011)

To help students retain a connection with their home language and culture, TISA offers mother tongue and culture classes for students from P3 to P8. By integrating mother tongue into our curriculum, we are teaching our students the importance of culture, diversity, and facilitating international understanding.

TISA offers Azerbaijani, French, Russian, Spanish and English as a WORLD language starting in P5. Azerbaijani is also offered to all P3 and P4 students, allowing them to inquire into the language and culture of the host country.

In addition, we are encouraging and supporting parents who are willing to lead a mother tongue class.

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